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Mastech MS5308 LCR Tester member discount


Hello all,

I have a number of brand new Mastech MS5308 LCR Testers in stock at the moment and are offering them for sale to forum members at the discounted price of $170, worldwide registered air parcel shipping (with tracking number) included. Batteries (8 x AA size) will not be included though due to Hong Kong Post's policy.

Another forum member, John, has a wonderful review here: and I believe Martin will be doing another review video as well when the unit I sent him arrives.

WARNING: In his video, John talks about an issue with the power adapter at about 33:25 of the video. Basically the meter will not function correctly using that adapater. In fact, you should NOT be using the power adapter that comes with the package at all, because you could potentially damage the meter!

I have contacted the manufacturer directly and posted their official response in another thread but I'll repost it here:

--- Quote ---To summarize:
1. They are aware of the issues through reports from their customers.
2. Besides the incorrect reading on resistance measurement as shown in John's video review, the power adapter could also potentially fry an IC (they didn't mention which one) and stop the meter from switching on.
3. They acknowledge that it's a design flaw in the power adapter that causes excessive ripples, which leads to the above mentioned problems.
4. The meter functions correctly and within specs otherwise (when on battery power).
5. There's no fix at the moment apart from advising their customers against using the power adapter. For customers with a fried IC they will offer a replacement one with instructions and assistance on how to replace it. The power adapter will no longer be packaged with the meter from now on.
6. They will be working on a redesign and modification in the documentation.
7. After that they will modify based on the redesign all the units that still haven't left the factory.

--- End quote ---

I haven't tested the meter with a better DC 12V power adapter yet but I reckon it will work fine with a proper one. I may try to source some reasonably priced 12V adapters soon, after the Chinese New Year.

If anyone's interested in this meter, please either leave a message here in this thread, or contact me via PM. Thanks!


P.S. the pictures are taken with my own unit, the ones I'm selling would never be opened up like that :)

One power supply about to be Widlarised when it arrives then.

Will reserve a spot for the camera, on a tripod, for a view of it when it becomes the test piece between the rail shoe and the 4 pound hammer.

Or should I pull out the variac and see how it behaves for a minor overvoltage of 360V instead of 220. I can also give it a test at 12kV.

Hi, please let us know when you have more of these available.  I would rather buy from someone like you, who is recommended!



--- Quote from: VernonAMiller on April 10, 2013, 03:58:38 PM ---Hi, please let us know when you have more of these available.  I would rather buy from someone like you, who is recommended!


--- End quote ---


Unfortunately I may not be ordering any more of these MS5308's from Mastech in the near future. They have increased the unit price as well as the minimum order requirements, yet haven't seem to have addressed the power adapter issue other than deciding to simply remove it from the package. All these led me to my decision to not order at this point in time. I will keep everyone updated if this changes.


Understood, thank you!


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