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Parcel speed record HK -> AU

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I've ordered some bits from iloveelectronics last week and he posted it last Saturday. I got the parcel delivered this Friday morning in Australia... No special treatment, just ordinary parcel.

All I can say it is very fast and could all other Ebay sellers from HK follow this example, please!

Big thanks to Franky!

I just want to add my experiences with Franky here as well. Super fast shipping, quality packaging, and honest reviews of the things he sells. He doesn't just find the best price on things we ask him to find, if he doesn't believe the product is of good quality he won't sell it.

I have been well beyond satisfied with iloveelectronics, Franky is truly a benefit to this community!!!

Thanks Franky!

Thank you both for the VERY kind words! I'm glad you are happy with my service and I hope to continue to do what I do and be able to make a living out of it :)

Tracking showed the 2 parcels I got from Frankie left HK on 7 Feb ( one spent a week in HK and the other 2 days, I had a very fast response from Frankie as to posting in both cases) and one was delivered on the 13 and the other on 14 Feb ( SAPO definitely working according to usual traditions) and i collected both yesterday. Well packed, and all inside undamaged.

Got to say that Frankie offers a great service.

Speaking of record delivery speed, I just had one Aussie customer report to me that a package I sent last Friday arrived today (Tuesday) at around noon Aussie time! 4 days, I couldn't believe it myself! I can't take credit for that though, it's the post offices in HK and AU that were doing their job very well! It's a low value small package though so it probably went straight past the customs too.


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