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As mentioned in Martin's latest video, I'm posting this just so new members know where to get hold of me if they're interested in some of the silicone test leads and accessories I have for sale.

You can see most of the items I have for sale at my eBay store at There are still many items I have yet to have time to photograph and post, items such as the standalone hooks, banana plugs, sockets, etc. for your own DIY use, and some other leads with different ends. Please inquire if you have a particular need and chances are that I might have something right for you :)


Forgot to mention - I can offer 5% discount off my eBay prices too if the deal is done outside of eBay, as I don't have to pay that 5% to eBay :) Contact me either in this thread of through PM. Thanks!

Hi Franky,

--- Quote from: iloveelectronics on February 25, 2013, 06:54:48 AM ---You can see most of the items I have for sale at my eBay store at
--- End quote ---

actually I can't see any items at your store's home page. The ebay page

--- Code: ---0 results found in all categories
Your search returned 0 items.
This Store currently has 0 listings. You can come back later or check other Stores.
--- End code ---

Only via the home page representing your ebay user "f-t-2000" ( ) I can see a few (6) items. But as soon as I try to follow one of the links ("Items for sale", "Visit my store", "see all 35") it brings me to the empty looking store page. Also the links on the item pages "(look under the Test Leads category)" result in empty pages (no items).

This may be different from other locations, I don't know how ebay handles that. I try it from Germany. See the attached screen shot for how your shop appears empty to me.


Thanks a lot for bringing that to my attention. I've actually had another eBay user message me about the same issue, he's not Chinese but he's currently in China. He sees an empty store too :(

I'll need to investigate this more. If anyone has any more info on this, or could tell me if they could see all my 30+ items fine on eBay, that'd be great! I'd highly appreciate it! Thanks!


And speaking of test leads, I have a couple of those questionable Chinese  Fluke TL175's Martin talked about in a few of his previous blog videos too. They are exactly the ones like those Martin got with his Chinese Fluke 17B multimeter. Due to the controversy I will never list them in my eBay store but if anyone here is interested I can offer each pair at $19 (ordinary air mail shipping included, no tracking).


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