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DER EE DE-5000 LCR Meter for sale

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DER EE is the Taiwanese manufacturer of the DE-5000 LCR meter, which is more commonly sold under the IET badge (the IET meters are clearly marked "Made in Taiwan" too).

I got a couple of these directly from DER EE in Taiwan and am offering them for sale here. What is offered here is the FULL package, brand new, with the hard carry case, the ground leads, the TL-21 alligator clips, the power adapter, IR-USB adapter, software, and the TL-22 tweezer. The only thing that won't come in the package is the 9V battery due to Hong Kong Post's air shipment policy against batteries.

I'm pricing them at $349, worldwide air parcel shipping included with tracking. The IET branded version is being sold on Amazon for $335, but without any of the optional items (carry case, power adapter, IR-USB adapter, software and TL-22 tweezer) and without shipping. And I don't think they ship overseas either.

I accept Paypal payment. If you prefer I will also accept payment in UK pounds or Euros. Please either leave a message here or PM me if you're interested in this offer.

I'm attaching a few pictures at the end of the post and here are a couple of Youtube videos on this LCR meter:

Dave had a teardown:

An EEVblog forum member Robrenz also had a little demo of its ESR and milliohm measurement accuracy:


EDIT 25 May: Pricing has been adjusted to $349 (from $335) mainly due to exchange rate fluctuation against Taiwanese dollars.

They are sold out for now. Thanks!

I might have a couple more coming in a few weeks time. I will update this thread when they become available again.

That was fast.........


--- Quote from: SeanB on May 05, 2013, 09:24:47 AM ---That was fast.........

--- End quote ---

I did expect them to go fast as I believe my pricing is rather competitive. Hoping to get a few more ASAP now.

I have a couple more of these available for sale again. Pricing needs to be adjusted to $349 though mainly due to exchange rate fluctuation at the time of the order. Please leave a message here or PM me directly if you are interested in getting one.



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