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Greenlee DM-860A Ebay possible scam???


Just a heads up on what is probably another ebay multimeter scam.

The previous Fluke 87V scam posted here

had the seller list 5 or 6 brand new 87Vs with free shipping.

This listing follows that pattern with 6 brand new Greenlee DM-860As (aka Brymen) with free shipping from a seller (mayizheng08) in China with no feedback.

The also shown in the auction has very sketchy feedback

Thanks for the heads up. Those auctions certainly look very dodgy. Zero feedback seller auctioning off stuff that would otherwise costs hundreds, at ultra low prices. Hmmm...

Yes...thanks retiredcaps...

As you have a keen eye...please keep an eye open for any kit on eBay that might be of interest for the lab and review.


As I suspected, clicking on

says "No longer a registered user".

Hopefully, all the people who bid didn't pay or got their bids all canceled by ebay.


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