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New Uni-T UT61E no-reserve auction


I decided to put this one on a no-reserve auction because I thought I already lost it when my customer told me he didn't receive it back in March. It was shipped in January and exactly 6 months (to the day) later it showed up in my mailbox! For some reason they failed to deliver it in Portugal and returned it to me. Besides the fact that it has been "away from home" for 6 months and that it has an older date of manufacture than my current stock of UT61E's it is otherwise a brand new item.

The starting bid pretty much covers my shipping cost so I'm happy to let this one go for really cheap. Happy bidding :)


For those who have missed the first auction, here's your chance again :)

Yes, it's another returned UT61E. This time it came back from South Africa after 8.5 months!! I have absolutely no idea what happened to it and why it wasn't delivered. The original buyer confirmed I had the correct address after I showed him the picture of the returned package (he received his replacement unit long ago by the way). I have tested the unit and it works perfectly fine.

Good luck and happy bidding!

$30 from me...

Thanks for the bid, Sean! But you will have to do it on the eBay site as that's the only official auction going on at the moment. The current bid has already gone up to $38, however.

--- Quote from: SeanB on August 28, 2013, 02:15:42 PM ---$30 from me...

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