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I bought (paid) an oscilloscope (siglent 2104) apr.1200 english pound plus 100 pound for calibration plus 10 pond next day delivery all together more then 1300 pound. This is very expensive.It was on 9-march-2014 Sunday.Next day i called them and she said out of stock sorry and we have got an issue with our computer system.but two weeks later you can get it.ON Monday (24-03-2014)i called them again and she said you should get on Wednesday or Thursday.But today is Friday and i called them again and she said "we didn't get yet but give me a five minutes to speak with my colleague." 30 minutes later i called back and an other people said my scope will arrive middle of April.
Why lie to me?Why promise to me?They are useless!Do not buy anything from them.
(Sorry for bad language)
Thank you Gabor.


Thanks, I'll bring this to Barry's attention.

It would be nice if you told me that information out.


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