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Looking for a good deal on a Fluke 177 or 179


Hello everyone! I'm looking to buy a new Fluke 177 or 179. Anyone know where I can find a good deal? I'm in the US. Thank you!

Pawn shops can yield an used Fluke 177 or 179 in the $100 USD or less range.

Ebay, for patient, buyers can also yield the above in the $100 USD or less range.

Also, check your local craigslist, local ads, etc.

BTW, try to avoid the parts or "as-is" listings.  While some can be repairable, the Fluke 170 series are all software calibrated (i.e. no pots) and the cost of calibration is around the $60 to $100 negating any savings.

For buying new, only buy from authorized Fluke dealers (check Fluke's website) in order to get the "lifetime warranty" aka 10 years minimum.


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