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Short low resistance USB extension?


Hi there, any recommendations for a short low resistance 6inch-12 inch or so USB extension to use with a YZXSTUDIO green USB "meter".  It is not a problem when using with a portable battery bank but it has proven to be difficult when trying to use and read the display when connected to various Apple wall chargers around the house.

Some recommendations that will work great and not throw the readings off too much will be very much appreciated. 


Anyone?  :(

is there anyone out there that can help?


I can't recommend a particular product, but do the USB extension leads you've looked at specify the cable thickness? If they do, you could buy an appropriately thick one.

A good alternative might just be to get some USB plugs and sockets, and make your own extension lead using some short wire. It should be easy enough :).

When searching online (e.g. on eBay), add to your search 22AWG
That will bring you to results where the data wires are made with 26-28 AWG (rather thin) but the power wires are in 22 AWG.
A 22 AWG wire has a resistance of about 0.055 ohm/meter so at 1 A a 1 m cable will cause only about 0.1 V drop.
(for comparison, a 28 AWG wire as those used for USB data has a resistance 4 times higher)


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