• How to build and design an AC to DC Power Adapter / Supply

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    I go through the process of building a simple 12 volt AC to DC power supply.

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  • In this video:

    * Using spare parts to build a simple AC to DC power adapter / supply:

    Parts used:- transformer, full wave bridge rectifier with Schottky (rectification) diodes, smoothing / filter capacitor, voltage regulator (LM7812 / Zener diode), resistor and LED to display operation.

    * Electronic DC load to test the PSU, oscilloscope to view signal, Multimeter to measure output.
    * How to calculate RMS voltage?
    * How to calculate capacitor value?
    * How to calculate ripple voltage?
    * How to calculate the resistor value to run an LED?

    This is a simple means of calculating the required size of the input filter capacitor in a basic power supply, or calculating the peak-to-peak ripple voltage in an existing supply. It works by assuming that the capacitor supplies current to the load approximately 70% of the cycle—the remaining 30% is supplied directly by the rectified voltage and during this period the capacitor is charged as well:

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