• How to support MJLorton.com

      • Turn off your ad-blocker

        I try to keep the ads as unobtrusive and as relevant as possible - there's nothing obscure based on your browsing history. You can greatly support creation of new content on the site and on YouTube by turning off your browser's ad blocker and visiting the websites via the links in the ads.

      • Use Social Media

        Follow @MJLorton on Twitter and on Google+ to keep up-to-date with new videos and other content. Do this simply by clicking on these links:

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        Also, when you've read something, share it with other people via social media or email. This helps bring new visitors to the site.

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      • On YouTube

        Subscribe to my channel on YouTube and please give any videos you like a "thumbs up". There are over 500 to watch. Click on the YouTube link here to go the channel's home page:

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      • Patreon (preferred)

        Patreon is the world's largest crowdfunding site for artists and creators. It's a way to get paid for creating. Supporters can pledge a small amount of money per month OR per video. Follow the link below to get started.

        Support on Patreon

      • PayPal one-time donations

        You can also support me using PayPal. For a one-off donation, select the amount on the right and click "Buy Now". You'll be taken to PayPal where you can securely give using your cards, or your PayPal account. Your support to keep the site up and running is greatly appreciated!

      • PayPal monthly subscriptions

        Alternatively, you can use PayPal to give a small amount each month. Again, the entire transaction takes place on PayPal site so that your details are protected.

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      • Amazon Related Products

        Beneath the content on some pages is the Related Products section. I don't want to take your bandwidth by dumping unnecessary content on you so these are always products that are relevant to the page. When you click on a link you're taken to that product's page on Amazon.com (US only). If you buy the product, Amazon will give me a small percentage of the purchase price. The price you pay does not increase at all as a consequence.

      • Amazon a-store

        I have an "Amazon astore" here that you'll often see linked to beneath my YouTube videos. As with the Related Products above these are items that I get some benefit from if you chose to buy them. Unforunately, Amazon haven't made many updates to this for mobile devices so it's a bit clunky on smaller screens. It is however perfectly secure and you're transferred to Amazon.com before any customer details are taken.

      • eBay Partner Network

        Coming soon

      • Advertise on MJLorton.com

        The rates for advertising on the site are very reasonable. Email me or visit the contact page to request more details of pricing along with the image dimensions and how you can track your customers.

      • What we do with cookies

        There are 4 cookies set by the site. Three are set by Google Analytics (__ga, _gat, __unam) and one is the embarassingly named "mjlorton-twitter-alert-bar" cookie.

        Google Analytics is used by Steve (the developer) to get 2 pieces of info:

        • 1. A count of the number of visitors coming to the site each day. This gives us half-an-idea of whether any of the improvements we're making, e.g. new home page sections, regular tweets, or the new links on the sides of the forum, are actually making any difference. Another example is whether highlighting the Support menu item improves the number of people visiting the Support page to help with funding the content.

        • 2. Occasionally he checks which browsers are being used so he can make sure people with less popular browsers aren't getting a bad experience.

        You're right in thinking Google Analytics can do a lot more but we're just not interested in the slightest so please take a look on the web at what info it can provide and if you'd rather keep stuff like that to yourself type "prevent google analytics" into a search engine and install one of the useful browser plugins that prevent Analytics from leaving cookies.

        The final cookie is the "mjlorton-twitter-alert-bar" cookie. It turns off the prompt on the Home page that asks visitors to follow @MJLorton on Twitter so that it doesn't become irritating.

        Why is this all under the Support section? It's here because being able to tell when we doing something right, such as releasing a popular video, or wrong, like making an important page suoer-obscure on the menu bar, is an enormous benefit, and allowing us to use Google Analytics is a simple free way to support the site. But, your privacy is important so please use the plugins mentioned above if you'd rather not take part.